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Dr. Ailik Vora - Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad

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Dr. Ailik Vora - Spine Doctor in Ahmedabad

Consultant trauma & Spine Surgeon Ahmedabad

Dr. Ailik Vhora has been a beacon of light for the suffering over 5 years and has unmatched experience of handling All kind of Trauma surgeries. Booned with 5 years of experience.

His years of experience in treating patients efficiently helped him become a leading name in the medical field. He is not only qualified but dedicated when it comes to treat patients. This is why his patients rely upon him completely. He possess an endless list of patients who procured benefits from his treatment.

Having treated over 200 cases of fracture, spinal cord, knee and hip surgery, Dr. Ailik Vhora specializing in minimal invasive fracture/trauma surgeries and Spine Surgeries. he has emerged as a complete orthopedic solution across Ahmedabad.

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